Why Love Handles Hang Around and How CoolSculpting Makes Short Work of Them

Here’s the skinny on love handles. Actually, hold on. Whoever gave them the name ‘love handles’ was clearly deluded by some euphemistic acceptance euphoria, because I don’t know anybody who loves them. Anyway, sometime during our thirties, we develop the much unloved handles—that frustrating fat that attaches to, and sometimes hangs over, the lower sides of our torsos. I think I can feel mine jiggle while I walk. And I’m not sure I’m handling that very well.

Why you get Love Handles in the first place, and, more importantly, in that place

Turns out, physiology is partly to blame. Men are particularly disadvantaged in this case. Through some evolutionary fiasco, we have more fat cells in this region, making it a convenient storage location for the body to dump excess triglycerides, the storage form of fat.   And because fat apparently loves company, it goes where other fat pockets cheerfully reside, which compounds the problem of getting rid of it.

Diets have changed dramatically over the last 40 years, but it’s not just the food that’s fattening us up. Stress and poor sleep (not mutually exclusive by any means) have a lot to do with our burgeoning bellies. When stress goes up and sleep goes down, cortisol levels increase, encouraging the body to store even more fat. So yes, more yoga, more water and more elective flights of stairs. Our lifestyles have changed though. Technology has made us at once more productive, but much more sedentary. And that little phenomenon has brought the gift of love. Love handles to be precise.

So Where is the Love?

Early on in this piece, I promised the skinny and here it is: There’s an incredibly easy way to eliminate stubborn fat without exercise, without broccoli, and without invasive surgery. And you have popsicles to thank. That’s right, popsicles.

CoolSculpting has rapidly become the most popular and successful body contouring treatments available. It was discovered when two doctors studied a strange phenomenon known as ‘popsicle panniculitis’. In straightforward popsicle dialect, that means a loss of cheek fat resulting from sucking on frozen popsicles. Fat hates cold. Who knew?

Exposure of an area of the body to cold temperatures results in the freezing and killing of fat cells under the skin, with no damage whatsoever to any other tissues. Fat cells freeze, die and are naturally eliminated by the body. Doctors have succeeded in pinpointing the optimum temperature for freezing fat without harming other physical structures or causing any real discomfort to the patient.

Remember the problem with love handles? The body basically instructs fat to head to our flanks and stay there. The amazing thing about CoolSculpting is that once fat cells are frozen and eliminated, they can’t grow back. The cells that make us look and feel flabby are gone for good, making it extremely difficult to ‘grow back’ the love we’ve lost.

If you’ve been working hard on your figure, eating well and exercising regularly, but can’t manage to shed your love handles, consider CoolSculpting. Millions of people around the world have achieved their goals in a matter of a few visits. Whether it’s a double chin, flabby underarms, belly fat, or the unhappy size of your inner thighs, CoolSculpting is an excellent option. Get your consultation, get your treatments and get on your way to a better-looking you. Nobody knew it could be this easy, and that’s the cold truth.