CoolSculpting: Fending off the Fat

We live in extraordinary times. We at once inhabit a societal environment that constantly works against our natural states of being, yet have access to more information, techniques and alternatives to achieve healthy balances in our lives than ever before. Stress, sleep deprivation, fast food and an affinity for digital devices degrade human health and manifest a most reviled way– body fat.

For most people, jogging 20 miles a week is not realistic. When you’re under-slept, over-worked, addicted to sugar and caffeine and consuming too much Facebook and French fries, hitting the gym and pounding the pavement sound like horrible ideas. The realistic post-work routing often entails the sofa and feasting on whatever the tube and pantry are dishing up. And so, the love handles, muffin tops and flabby thighs grow while self-esteem shrinks. So, what about new techniques and alternatives to Tarzan diets and extreme Neanderthal training?

Crazy Cool Science

Fortunately, there’s a way to reverse the trend. It’s quick, it lasts, and it doesn’t involve sweat, blood or tears. It also doesn’t involve burn-out trips to the gym until the gains we make disappear into disappointment. The solution for eliminating stubborn pockets of fat is called CoolSculpting. Unlike many fat loss solutions peddled today, CoolSculpting is based on simple science proven by renowned doctors. The science behind the procedure is called Cryolipolysis. As difficult as it may to be to pronounce, it’s among the easiest medical principal to understand.

Here’s the skinny: Harvard doctors repeatedly noticed that kids in hospitals and emergency rooms who sucked on popsicles experienced dimpling in their cheeks. This is because facial fat was literally disappearing in the cheeks of these children due to exposure to the cold popsicles. The concept was then tested on other parts of the body – not on children, and no, not with popsicles. The results were astonishing. Simply exposing areas of fat on the body to cold for short amounts of time caused the fat to disappear. More importantly, the fat went away and stayed away. This is because brief exposures to cold will freeze and kill fat cells beneath the skin. In short order, the body eliminates the dead fat cells as it would rid itself of any other dead cellular matter.

Why Fat Stays Away

Sustainable results are the most elusive element of the health and fitness industry. Many of us have participated in fads and rollercoaster schemes. We’ve become believers only to be burned by disillusionment. CoolSculpting works because the body has a fixed number of fat cells. It cannot manufacture more of them. Once fat cells are eliminated from a certain part of the body, it cannot become fat or fatter again unless the individual lapses into an unhealthier lifestyle and allows the remaining fat cells to grow larger than they were before the CoolSculpting treatments.

How It Works

Treatments are simple. Essentially, a cool pad is placed on the skin in the target area and left for a short duration. The pad is not cold enough to be uncomfortable or to harm any bodily tissues. Subcutaneous fat is affected by the exposure and begins to die. An individual will often return for a few or several treatments over the course of a couple of months and invariably, providing he or she is eating sensibly and performing at least moderate exercise, stubborn pockets of fat will disappear. To be clear, while the treatment and results are miraculous, CoolSculpting is not an antidote to gluttony and sloth. Fruits and veggies, lean meats, walking, flexibility and activity are still the underlying precepts to good health that will contribute to a firmer, better-looking body.

Copycats? Opposing Procedures? Fat Fighting Fairy Tales

Not surprisingly, and not long after the advent of CoolSculpting, bold imitators arrived on the scene with their own versions of non-invasive fat elimination procedures. Among the more deficient is the idea of warming the body to likewise disrupt and decimate fat cells. If warming the skin to eliminate underlying fat actually worked, wouldn’t every home in America have a hot tub? Electric blankets would be in every celebrity’s bed. Don’t be fooled folks. If it’s not cool, it doesn’t work. Humans have an aversion to cold. We only apply it to the body intentionally for hematomas and heat stroke.

If you’re tired of human hamster wheels, counting calories and kale smoothies, find out for yourself. Ample research and proof about the CoolSculpting procedure is but a few clicks away. Take a few minutes to learn about the safe, comfortable and non-invasive way to lose stubborn fat we’ve come to call CoolSculpting. After an informative consultation at a reputable clinic, you’ll be a few easy weeks away from seeing the results you’ve wanted for years.