woman pinching love handle wondering how much coolsculpting does it take to work?

How Much CoolSculpting Does It Take?

Among the questions about CoolSculpting and how it works is how many treatments are required to do the job.  In this post, we’ll discuss the process, how it works and just how many visits to the medical spa are required to make a lasting difference.

As you may know, CoolSculpting is a revolutionary, non-invasive way to do away with exercise-resistant pockets of fat. Unlike Venus FreezeTM which uses uses radio frequency and multi-pulsed magnetic fields to stimulate collagen, it works by freezing the fat cells.  When they’re exposed to cold for a sufficient period, it kills them.  Over time, the body eliminates the dead cells as it does with thousands of cells every day.  What makes CoolSculpting amazing is that, well, it works.  The body only has so many fat cells.  It cannot and will not make more.  Once they’re gone, they’re gone.  The other remarkable aspect of the treatment is that it’s easy, safe, painless and obviates hours at the gym.

So, How Much CoolSculpting Is Enough?

Sadly, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question.  How many treatments an individual requires depends on the individual, base line fitness, and activity level.  However, it does lead us to a very important point:  CoolSculpting is a fat loss strategy, not a weight loss strategy.  Nor is it a replacement for regular exercise and sensible eating.  Ideal CoolSculpting candidates are individuals in good health, within 30 pounds of their target weight and who wish to refine and sculpt their bodies to improve traditionally problematic areas like the inner thighs, under arms, love handles and belly.

It typically takes an hour to treat one area.  Cooling panels are placed on targeted areas of the body and the cold does the rest.  Commonly, patients see a 25% reduction of fat within 2-3 months following the first treatment.  It takes about 60-90 days for the body to eliminate the fat cells from the treated area.  After a couple of months, and upon the recommendation of a qualified clinician, patients should receive another treatment.  After a similar waiting period, it’s not unusual to see another 25% improvement.  The norm for most patients is 2-4 treatments over a 4-8-month period.  

The Space In Between….

Good things come to those who wait right?  Well, the same holds true here.  In the time between treatments, much depends on the patient.  As fat cells slowly die off and disappear from the body, it’s important to remain active, eat well and sleep soundly.  After the long, cold winter we just experienced, it’s a great time to lace up your shoes and walk regularly, spend time cooking nutritious meals and do everything you can to augment the benefits of your CoolSculpting treatments.  

Getting Started

Heck, this is easy.  Click, call or visit the Renew MD med spa of Reno and schedule a CoolSculpting consultation.  You and a member of our team will discuss your goals, what to expect, and address and questions you may have. Men and women across the country are choosing CoolSculpting as a painless, non-invasive and easy solution to fat removal every day.