CoolSculpting: Walking You Through the Process

If you’ve read our blogs before, or if you’ve read about how CoolSculpting works, then you know that the procedure was invented by doctors who were working with children recovering from certain surgeries in the hospital. The children were given popsicles to eat during recovery, and the doctors noticed that the consistent popsicle sucking minimized the cheek fat in the children! Turns out, the science behind CoolSculpting is that fat cells are highly sensitive to cold. By pinpointing the exact temperature that fat cells die, doctors were able to create a new method for fat reduction, without harming other tissues like skin and muscle around the areas being treated!

If you are considering CoolSculpting, we wanted to share with you the process from start to finish, from your first consult to recovery to multiple procedures, so you know what would happen, at least in a typical case of the CoolSculpting method for fat reduction:

  1. You’ll come in to Renew MD Reno for your initial consultation, to discuss with a technician to assess which parts of your body are going to respond best to CoolSculpting. Come prepared by wearing loose-fitting clothing, and understand there is a possibility you’ll be asked to step into a comfortable spa robe. Once the technician and you have reached an agreement for which areas of your body you want treated, the technician can then set up your customized treatment plan and give you pricing and payment options.
  2. Once you set up your first appointment, if you have any time between your consult and appointment, opt for a healthier diet and increased exercise (if you don’t already) to boost the outcome of your procedure.
  3. During the procedure, the technician will place cooling panels on targeted areas of the body and the cold does the rest. It typically takes an hour to treat one area.
  4. After the first treatment, patients commonly see a 25% reduction of fat within 2-3 months following the first treatment. It takes about 60-90 days for the body to eliminate the fat cells from the treated area. After a couple of months, and upon the recommendation of a qualified clinician, patients should receive another treatment. After a similar waiting period, it’s not unusual to see another 25% improvement. The norm for most patients is 2-4 treatments over a 4-8-month period.
  5. While recovery from CoolSculpting is almost a non-issue, some patients report mild bruising, tingling or swelling for a day or two. These effects are largely dependent on the health and fitness levels of the individual.
  6. After you are done with your CoolSculpting procedures, you should be very happy with the results, as most of the fat cells treated will have dissipated and should not return, as they ‘died’ in the procedure. Any fat cells that weren’t reached during your treatments will need extra attention from you by continuous exercise and a healthy diet.

Please call Renew MD Reno for your consultation, or if you have any further questions. We have treated hundreds of patients over the years who’ve had terrific results – you can see their transformations on our Before and After photo gallery page. And if you are one of those happy patients, we’d love to hear about your success story (and I’m sure our prospective clients would like to hear from you, too!).