An In-Depth Look at the Technology Behind CoolSculpting

An In-Depth Look at the Technology Behind CoolSculpting

If you’ve been following our blog for some time now, you should have a pretty comprehensive understanding of what exactly CoolSculpting is.  Coolsculpting is the process of using targeted freezing to kill fat cells in your trouble zones on your body that hold on to excess fat.  However, if you’re considering Coolsculpting as a solution to the unwanted fat on your love handles, underarms or virtually anywhere else on your body, it’s a good idea to learn a little about the technology being used.

In this article, we’ll look into the machine that is used during this procedure and how it works to eliminate the fat cells from your body permanently and painlessly.  Feel free to contact the CoolSculpting experts at Renew MD if you have any questions about how coolsculpting works, or take a look at this article, where we discuss what a session of CoolSculpting at Renew MD entails.

As we’ve previously mentioned in our post about cryolipolysis, our ability to freeze away fat cells was first discovered when Harvard doctors noticed that children had developed dimples and experienced a loss of fat in their cheeks after having consumed popsicles and ice cubes.  This revelation, having been labeled “popsicle panniculitis,” triggered much research into the implications of freezing away fat.

For a more information on cryolipolysis, check out this article.  

The Machine

The machine that is used for CoolSculpting is called the Zeltiq tool.  This machine delivers targeted cooling above your skin to reach the unwanted fat cells.  It does so via a specially designed cooling applicator that is applied directly to the area with unwanted adipose tissue.  

Commonly, machines will utilize a vacuum in order to bring the tissue in question between the cooling panels.  Between these panels is where the controlled cooling takes place.  Currently this procedure is approved by the FDA to treat such areas of the body as the arms, thighs, flanks, back, bra line. Buttock, abdomen, and a few other areas.

Miraculously, this machine accomplishes the desired reduction in fat cells without causing any harm to the skin or to any of the nearby organs or tissues, being that fat cells are uniquely more vulnerable to cold temperatures.  These fat cells, once frozen, leave the body naturally through your own waste elimination.    

The machine itself can look rather complex, despite the simplicity of the procedure.  It’s important to note that CoolSculpting is completely safe and is completed within an hour depending on the number of areas you wish you treat.  This non-invasive and painless procedure merely freezes targeted fat cells, and your body will do the rest, working to eliminate now dead fat cells over a period of between three weeks to four months, leaving being your desired results.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, this machine and this procedure are the ideal option for anyone searching for a solution to their unwanted fat, and for anyone who has had little success with regular diet and exercise.  While this is not intended for weight loss, if you are desiring a minimalization of love handles and stubborn belly fat, CoolSculpting just might be for you!

Don’t let the machinery dissuade you from considering CoolSculpting for your trouble zones.  When this procedure is completed by our experts, the results are astonishing.  Our numerous clients are thrilled with their results and speak highly of this procedure and recommend it often to friends and family as a safe and painless alternative to liposuction.

Contact our team at Renew MD today for a complimentary consultation and to learn if the procedure is right for you.  Feel free to take our quiz to determine your eligibility.