how coolsculpting works

Is CoolSculpting Worth it?

One of the biggest questions we receive from individuals who are entertaining the idea of CoolSculpting is:  Is CoolSculpting actually worth it?  After all, it’s a monetary investment, a time investment and ultimately, an emotional investment in how you’d ideally like to feel about your body.  This is the easiest question for our CoolSculpting experts to answer; and the answer is yes, it’s worth it!

For those who are interested in a non-invasive and pain-free fat loss solution without having to stress about downtime, incisions and substantial side effects, CoolSculpting is the ultimate answer.  If you’ve followed our blog, then you already know that this procedure was developed after Harvard physicians noticed shrinking cheeks in children who ate a lot of popsicles.

Yes, while witnessing something as simple as kids eating popsicles, doctors went on to invent this revolutionary fat cell-eliminating technique.  These doctors noticed that, when applying freezing temperatures, fat cells were crystalized and other cells remained intact.  They then extensively researched the science behind these effects and the ways in which they could apply it to adults today.

What Does This Mean For You?

You are welcome to read our several previous posts which each address pertinent issues associated with skepticism pertaining to CoolSculpting, or you can hear from real people who are really enjoying their results!  You can search throughout the internet, beyond our site to read story after story from men and women who took the leap and underwent this process.  They are now enjoying the benefits of being closer to their ideal body type, while relishing in the advantages of a treatment that’s:

  • Non-invasive
  • Has little to no downtime
  • Is pain-free
  • Targets specific areas of concern
  • Gets real results!

To save you time, we’ve curated a few stories and opinion pieces where real-life individuals discuss the truth about their experiences.  Some celebrities have joined in the advocation of CoolSculpting, and even more everyday people are now proud benefactors of this amazing fat loss treatment.  To read the different stories, check out any of these sites:

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Final Thoughts

Because every body type is different, results will vary from person to person.  Our technicians will honestly assess you on an individual level to determine the number of treatments needed to get you to your shape goals.  While this is not a weight loss treatment, CoolSculpting will help you to rid yourself of those pesky saddle bags, love handles or even a double chin.  If you’re questioning whether you are a candidate for CoolSculpting, we’ve got you covered.  You can take our quiz to determine whether it’s right for you, or you can read this article which takes an in-depth look at the ideal candidate.

Whatever your fat reduction goal may be, there is a good chance this procedure is right for you.  If you have questions, we invite you to call our experts at the Renew MD office in Reno, NV.  They are prepped and ready to discuss any concerns you may have.

Lastly, it’s important to point out that this procedure is not a substitute for diet and exercise, but rather a supplement to a healthy lifestyle.  If you want to get yourself to a body style that improves your self-confidence and self-love, then what are you waiting for!  Contact Renew MD today and schedule your free consultation.