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Is CoolSculpting Worth it?

One of the biggest questions we receive from individuals who are entertaining the idea of CoolSculpting is:  Is CoolSculpting actually worth it?  After all, it’s a monetary investment, a time investment and ultimately, an emotional investment in how you’d ideally like to feel about your body.  This is the easiest question for our CoolSculpting experts to answer; and the answer is yes, it’s worth it!

For those who are interested in a non-invasive and pain-free fat loss solution without having to stress about downtime, incisions and substantial side effects, CoolSculpting is the ultimate answer.  If you’ve followed our blog, then you already know that this procedure was developed after Harvard physicians noticed shrinking cheeks in children who ate a lot of popsicles.

Yes, while witnessing something as simple as kids eating popsicles, doctors went on to invent this revolutionary fat cell-eliminating technique.  These doctors noticed that, when applying freezing temperatures, fat cells were crystalized and other cells remained intact.  They then extensively researched the science behind these effects and the ways in which they could apply it to adults today.

What Does This Mean For You?

You are welcome to read our several previous posts which each address pertinent issues associated with skepticism pertaining to CoolSculpting, or you can hear from real people who are really enjoying their results!  You can search throughout the internet, beyond our site to read story after story from men and women who took the leap and underwent this process.  They are now enjoying the benefits of being closer to their ideal body type, while relishing in the advantages of a treatment that’s:

  • Non-invasive
  • Has little to no downtime
  • Is pain-free
  • Targets specific areas of concern
  • Gets real results!

To save you time, we’ve curated a few stories and opinion pieces where real-life individuals discuss the truth about their experiences.  Some celebrities have joined in the advocation of CoolSculpting, and even more everyday people are now proud benefactors of this amazing fat loss treatment.  To read the different stories, check out any of these sites:

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Final Thoughts

Because every body type is different, results will vary from person to person.  Our technicians will honestly assess you on an individual level to determine the number of treatments needed to get you to your shape goals.  While this is not a weight loss treatment, CoolSculpting will help you to rid yourself of those pesky saddle bags, love handles or even a double chin.  If you’re questioning whether you are a candidate for CoolSculpting, we’ve got you covered.  You can take our quiz to determine whether it’s right for you, or you can read this article which takes an in-depth look at the ideal candidate.

Whatever your fat reduction goal may be, there is a good chance this procedure is right for you.  If you have questions, we invite you to call our experts at the Renew MD office in Reno, NV.  They are prepped and ready to discuss any concerns you may have.

Lastly, it’s important to point out that this procedure is not a substitute for diet and exercise, but rather a supplement to a healthy lifestyle.  If you want to get yourself to a body style that improves your self-confidence and self-love, then what are you waiting for!  Contact Renew MD today and schedule your free consultation.


A woman and doctor consulting about the CoolSculpting procedure

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Trying CoolSculpting

Have you been researching CoolSculpting for some time, but have yet to make an appointment and try it out?  If you answered yes, then it’s time to get your questions answered once and for all.  It may be that you’re considering the choice between CoolSculpting and Liposuction, or it may be that you just aren’t sure of the potential side-effects.

Whatever the case may be, our experts at Renew MD have come up with a list of 5 questions to ask yourself before undergoing this non-invasive fat loss procedure.  Once you’ve answered these 5 questions, you should be ready to set up your consultation.  From there, our technicians will work with you to get you to that body you’ve been dreaming of.

1. Am I Worried About Safety?

Our technicians are often questioned about the safety of this procedure.  Patients ask, “How could there possibly be a safe and non-invasive procedure that permanently eliminates fat cells in my problem areas?”  We get it; it sounds too good to be true.  However, the truth is that this procedure is completely safe.

Our experts use the innovative CoolSculpting tool to freeze away your fat cells for good.  In the months following the procedure, your body will naturally eliminate the frozen cells, leaving behind the rest of your  completely healthy and unaffected tissues.  Over 2 million people have tried this procedure, and men and women everywhere are enjoying the benefits of contouring their body without having to be cut open or having to take unhealthy pharmaceuticals or supplements.

2. Do I Understand the Procedure?

Many fat loss procedures can seem exceedingly complex and difficult to fully understand.  Luckily, with CoolSculpting, the science and rationale behind it is sound and easily comprehendible.  Years ago, Harvard doctors came upon this fat loss solution after feeding popsicles to children.  When the kids continually ate these frozen treats, the fat in their cheeks would diminish.

These doctors discovered that fat cells were uniquely susceptible to cold, while other tissues remained unscathed.  This knowledge was then applied to adults and their fat cells, and the rest is history!

It’s important to note that one procedure is often not enough to see the exact results you want.  Schedule a free consultation with our team at Renew MD, and our technicians will be able to discuss with you just how many treatments will be needed to achieve your fat loss goals.

    3. Have I thought of Alternatives to CoolSculpting?

    As the adage goes, “there’s more than one way to skin a cat.”  Of course there are other fat-loss options for you to consider.  The most common alternative is liposuction, and if that is an option you’d like to explore, Renew MD can help.

    However, if you’re interested in a procedure that is noninvasive, requires no down-time, and is completely safe with virtually no side-effects, there is truly no other option that is comparable to CoolSculpting.

    4. Are Others Actually Seeing Results?

    In today’s world, it’s not uncommon that marketing tactics and the news fabricate or embellish the truth to accomplish a goal or to make a sale.  That is not the case with this procedure.  CoolSculpting has gained much notoriety in recent years because of how many people are in love with their results.

    From Debra Messing to Khloe Kardashian, celebrities and everyday people alike are opting for this procedure to eliminate that pesky fat in our trouble zones that refuses to go away.  This easy and safe fat loss tool is proven to give you results.

    Still unsure?  Check out some of our Success Stories.

    5. Am I a Candidate?

    If you are a man or woman who is within 30 pounds of your goal weight, you could be the perfect candidate for CoolSculpting.  It doesn’t take much.  If you’ve been looking into this procedure to help rid yourself of your fatty trouble zones, chances are you already know the areas you’d like to target.

    If you are hoping to reduce the fat in your inner thighs, back, chin, bra bulge, love handles, etc., then CoolSculpting may be the perfect solution for you.  To determine if you’re an ideal candidate for this procedure at Renew MD, feel free to take our quiz.

    Now that you’ve answered these questions for yourself, the only thing left to do is to give our CoolSculpting experts a call to discuss how they can help you to have the body of your dreams.  It all begins with one phone call and a free consultation; then you’ll be on your way to a happier you.

A woman and doctor consulting about the CoolSculpting procedure

Why A Consultation Is Always the First Step of the CoolSculpting Procedure

Here’s some heavy news: Plump, portly, rotund or curvy – regardless of which term you prefer, 68% of American adults are at least somewhat overweight. This number represents a six-fold increase since 1950. Most of us know that sedentary lifestyles, a devotion to drive-through, high fructose corn syrup, and an ever-quickening pace of life are largely responsible for the alarming trend. With so much working against our waistlines, self-image and BMIs, it’s good to know there’s a wonderful option to treat the pudge staring back at us in the mirror.

CoolSculpting is a non-invasive fat reduction treatment that safely eliminates stubborn pockets of adipose. It works by freezing and eliminating fat cells in less than cooperative regions of the body where we all store a little extra weight. The process brings about fantastic results for abdominal fat, double chins, love handles, lower back fat, the inner and outer thighs, and below the buttocks.

Although CoolSculpting is simple, extremely safe, and non-invasive, you can’t simply stroll into a clinic and lie down on the fat freezing table and expect to be treated. As with any physically altering treatment, you’ll need to invest some time in consulting with a professional practitioner. Your specific goals will dictate everything from how many treatments you’ll need, to the cost of CoolSculpting.

CoolSculpting, while amazing and revolutionary, is not a one-and-done event. Typically, people undergo treatment several times to achieve desired results. If there are several areas of the body you wish to address, you should also be prepared for multiple visits.

The Consultation Process

At your consultation, you and your technician are going to learn a lot, and things tend to get a little personal. You should show up to your consultation in loose-fitting clothing, and should be prepared to change into a comfy spa robe. Wetsuits, space, suits and three-piece suits are not recommended. Be prepared to be touched, prodded and pinched a bit too – technicians need to assess which parts of your body are going to respond best to CoolSculpting so that an optimized treatment plan and price can be proposed.

Reputable clinics won’t even entertain the thought of performing CoolSculpting without a preliminary consultation. One important reason for this is that not everyone makes a good CoolSculpting candidate. CoolSculpting is not performed on pregnant and nursing women or extremely overweight individuals, for instance. It’s also critical to understand what types of results the treatment can and can’t produce.

If you’ve made the decision to start looking and feeling better, and that CoolSculpting is going to play a pivotal role in that, that’s a great start. Regular exercise and a healthy diet will support the rapid improvements CoolSculpting bestows. You’ve made the first steps toward improved self-image and happiness, now schedule a consultation with trained professionals. Millions of people have gone down the road before you with spectacular results. Contact us to schedule your consultation, and get ready for dramatic, uplifting changes.

A girl wondering "is CoolSculpting safe"?

Is CoolSculpting Safe?

Is CoolSculpting safe? Let’s start by answering that oft-asked and completely reasonable question with an emphatic YES. When considering any body contouring option, people should be aware of attendant risks and possible issues. The reason why CoolSculpting is safe and a great option for men and women alike is precisely because it is a simple treatment, not a surgery or complicated procedure. It’s non-invasive, non-traumatic and FDA approved.

CoolSculpting is an innovative way to contour your body by freezing fat cells. To date, over 2 million CoolSculpting treatments have been performed worldwide. People everywhere have been able to quickly eliminate pockets of stubborn fat while completely sidestepping surgery, downtime and pain.

How it Works:

The real marvel about CoolSculpting is that the elimination of fat is actually performed by the body. After the fat cells in a selected region of the body are frozen using CoolSculpting, the body slowly processes and eliminates them. Over a period of approximately 4 months, all of the frozen fat cells are removed by the body, which is why the treatment has such enduring results.

Like any process that enhances desirable contouring, patient responsibility is still a must. This means a single CoolSculpting treatment will not necessarily undo the ills of years of irresponsible choices. Patience and an ongoing commitment to a healthy diet and regular exercise are required for best results. That said, 20-25% of fat cells in the targeted region are frozen with each treatment, so providing post-treatment lifestyle is healthy, people who elect to have the treatment enjoy fantastic results.

Determining Your Candidacy is as Simple as the Treatment Itself!

Women and men tend to store fat slightly differently, but both make great CoolSculpting candidates. Whether it’s your flank, chin, thighs, arms or abdomen you wish to improve, if you’re in reasonably good shape and within 30 pounds of your ideal body weight, you’re likely a great candidate.

Contact us to schedule your complimentary CoolSculpting consultation. The consultation process allows us to determine if you are a candidate for CoolSculpting, and how much it would cost to use CoolSculpting to effectively treat your “trouble areas.”

A man pinching his love handles and considering coolsculpting vs. liposuction

CoolSculpting Vs. Liposuction: Which Is Better?

You’ve been bothered by stubborn fat bulges for too long. Now it’s time to take action. However, which popular fat reduction treatment will you choose: CoolSculpting or liposuction? Both options are safe and effective, but which one is better? The answer depends on your body and goals.

What is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is a non-invasive way to reduce fat in targeted area. CoolSculpting uses a process called cryolypolysis to freeze and destroy fat cells using low temperatures. During CoolSculpting procedures, an applicator is applied to the fatty area where it remains for about an hour. Each CoolSculpting treatment kills 25-25% of the fat cells in the treatment area. Multiple applications are usually required for patients hoping to achieve fat reduction of more than 20% in their trouble areas.

Many patients prefer CoolSculpting over liposuction because CoolSculpting is painless and non-surgical. People who don’t want anyone to know that they’ve had “work done” also prefer CoolSculpting because the results are gradual and take several months to become fully apparent! Finally, busy people with an active lifestyle often prefer CoolSculpting because there is no recovery time following the procedure.

What is Liposuction?

Liposuction is the second most popular cosmetic surgical procedure in the United States. Liposuction is an invasive procedure that involves inserting a thin, hollow tube called a cannula under the skin. Suction is then used to vacuum out fat cells. This procedure can be performed under local anesthesia with minimal pain and discomfort. More fat can be removed in a single liposuction treatment than in a single CoolSculpting treatment, so multiple liposuction treatments are optional. Most patients require a week off work to recover from liposuction, and strenuous activities must be avoided for at least two weeks.

Patients with more radical fat loss and body contouring goals choose liposuction because more fat can be removed in a single treatment and the results are almost instantly apparent. Patients who want to see dramatic fat reduction in a simple treatment often opt for liposuction.

Other Considerations

When choosing between CoolSculpting and liposuction, consider your timeframe. Would you prefer several non-invasive treatments or one invasive treatment to obtain the results you desire? It takes months to enjoy the full results of CoolSculpting, so consider whether or not you have the patience to wait for results. If you’re looking for immediate gratification, liposuction may be a better option for you. If you want your results to look gradual and natural (like you’ve been working out over the course of several months), CoolSculpting is the more subtle option.

The size and location of your “trouble areas” will also help determine if CoolSculpting or liposuction is a better fit for you. For either procedure, the area you’d like to treat must have fat that is soft and pinchable. CoolSculpting is ideal for people with just one or two trouble areas, while liposuction is preferable for people with multiple, large treatment areas. The best candidates for CoolSculpting are within 30 pounds of their ideal weight, while liposuction is better for patients who want to achieve more dramatic results.

Finally, look at the skin in your trouble areas. Is it taught and normal or loose and saggy? Neither CoolSculpting nor liposuction tighten skin, so if you are struggling with loose skin, a tummy tuck may be a better option for you. Tummy tucks remove loose skin in addition to liposuction and body contouring.

Take some time to think about your fat reduction goals. Which areas would you like to treat, and what percentage of fat would you like to see removed? Making an informed decision about which procedure is best for you will help you obtain the results you desire without disappointment.

A professional consultation will also help you determine which procedure is best for you. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and obtain a professional opinion!